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10 Must-Have Luxury Home Features Buyers Want in 2021


Today, we're going to talk about the 10 must-have items, that luxury home buyers want.

Number one, a modern home must have Character.

A modern home character is when you open that door, and the foyer screams at you. Here, welcome to this modern home. Spacious, high ceilings. That's a personality that that house has. And also part of that is the open floor plan. So their home has a personality when it has a grand foyer and a completely open floor plan.

Number two, Technology.

Nowadays, is about technology. Everyone likes to have things in their home to make their lives easier. Climate control, security control, light control, shades are going up and down electronically. Thermostats, that actually you can set it up from your smartphone or from your tablet when you are coming from the office if you work in an office.

Technology is one of the items that make a modern home desire.

Number three, Fully Stacked Kitchen.

We all know how important it is a kitchen in everybody's home, it's the life of the house. A fully stacked kitchen makes a luxurious home important, not only on the size of the kitchen but the kind of appliances that it carry. Top-notch appliances, commercial appliances if possible. In a pantry, the size of the pantry plays a major role in any modern home.

Number four, Outdoor Kitchen and Pools.

Wealthy buyers nowadays crave outdoor activities. They want their outdoor kitchens to line up with gas grills, sinks, storage, where they can entertain people outside. And also swimming pools. They want their kids to enjoy the outdoor living, as well as they are entertaining their guests and families.

In a new modern home outdoor activity is a plus, and is a must. They have to come with swimming pools, and they have to have an outdoor kitchen, just to complete that life. Not only on the inside but also on the outside.

Number five is Location, Location, Location.

We all know how important it is to own a home, but also is super important where the home is located. That's why location is super important.

When we build homes, we select locations for people to really feel like this home is made not only for me but in the location that I feel comfortable with. Locations mean, wide-open lots, proximity to shopping centers, proximity to schools, good school system. And all of the things that will make your life easier, when you own a home built by Arjen Homes.

Number six, Spa Bathrooms.

Some of the luxury buyers of modern homes have traveled the world. They have stayed, hotels and resorts, with luxury spas and luxury bathrooms. They come to their homes, and on day one they have exactly like that, that kind of living.

In a modern home, you can have that. You can have massive walk-in showers. You can have your bathtubs that resemble one of the resorts' bathtubs. In other words, when you experience that life when you travel, you want to have the same life when you get home.

Buying a home build by Arjen Homes will get you to that point.

Number seven, Exercise Room.

Some of the most affluent people, don't like to go to the gym and sweat in front of other people. Or maybe they don't have the time to go to the gym period.

What do they want? They want to have the exercise room in their new home.

When you design a new home, and you add flex rooms, such as gyms, it would allow the buyer, the new homeowner to utilize that with ways and equipment as they please. So having an exercise room for some buyers, is a must on a new, modern home.

Number eight, Bedroom that fits a Queen and a King.

We all know how important it is, our master bedroom. Is a place that we will retire at night to relax.

The Master bedroom needs to be massive, for the luxury home buyer. And massive means not only have a massive bed but massive space. Space for seating, besides sleeping.

Space for enjoying and going outside, if you have a balcony in the master bedroom.

So when we build homes at Arjen Homes, we think about that buyer, we think about the life that he wants to have in the private room with his family, with his wife, and also what he can do to entertain himself, and enjoy the time.

Number nine, Dressing Rooms and Storage Space.

We all know how important it is for some people, especially for women, to have all these packs of boots and shoes stored in a place that is going to be safe and clean. But there's a tendency that men and women like the same thing.

When we build homes, luxury homes at Argent homes, we think about classic space. It's super important to create a master bedroom, with enough space in the closet, that everybody will be happy and not crowded. Looking at other builders, we found out that most of the builders, don't pay attention to closets, because for some, is a dead space. For us, no, it's important.

It's important for the homeowner because when you buy a luxury home, you need space to store all sorts of things. And what better than a master closet that will allow you to do for men and women, to have the space they need.

Number 10, Home Office.

One of the categories that is a must on luxury, modern home. A lot of people have learned, that working from home is productive. It's more productive than going to the office. A luxury home buyer today, will not hesitate to request a home office. It's a must.

We at Arjen Homes, understand the needs of these buyers, and we build all of our luxury modern homes, with a home office dedicated to that buyer.

10 Must-Have Luxury Home Features Buyers Want in 2021 | Arjen Homes LLC (2024)
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